space babies

there was a joke with words here but I drew it and thought it was funnier without anything. 

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a guy from my sketchbook, I imagined he was some RPG enemy.


a guy from my sketchbook, I imagined he was some RPG enemy.

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slow news day

it’s my last week of classes and I’m drowning in assignments, so this week’s comic is pretty simple. Sometimes I pass the time at work by doodling customers sitting in the lobby. 

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(Shush.  Sleeping)

(Shush. Sleeping)

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If this isn’t good marketing I literally don’t want to know what is.

the BMO one though….

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The Real Monsters are reborn! 

Upon getting so much attention for my previous designs, I wanted to redesign the monsters and develop the concept a little more. You’ll notice most of the monsters have subtle alterations and the descriptions have been changed to better reflect my original concepts.

Disclaimer: The artwork is not at all intended to make light of these conditions but instead is intended to give these intangible mental illnesses some substance and make them appear more managable as physical entities. 


All work (c)Toby Allen 2013

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Orcs, Lord of the Rings, the 70s one, Bakshi, rotarscoping, motion acting or something. They weren’t meant to be like this, but it still worked. :)

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The Gnarled Monster by Gustave Dore, 1870

This reminds me of vintage illustrations for H. G. Wells’ books.

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By Zdzisław Beksiński

Imagine if you die and wake up there

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