Anonymous said: Just need to tell you I love you... your art, sense of humour, the fact you're in the same city as me, your life experiences, your likely disdainful peeved expression on your face reading this anon message, everything. You're awesome, I'm a nobody, and that's ok.



you are a somebody! you made another somebody aheh

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Oliver’s drawing of our cat Wendy.

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My #paperplate #maps are still looking like petri dishes ;)Out of practice. #fineliner #inktober #mappamundi

Broken Road tiles -playing with colour schemes. :) #Fineliner #ProCreate #Inkedadventures #dungeonsections


Narrow Canal, Venice

photo by pieter

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No mouse? Hmm.
#cat #whyisitmadeofwarm?

More technical issues.
U iz wantin to uze dis laptop? I iz buzy wif it.
Lucy. #cat

Oh, Dropbox… 6hrs?
Had to dig out a very old laptop after my main PC died - Slowly rebuilding. Fortunately J has shiny laptops at hers. This old Dell can’t even talk to a mouse or the printer (failed USB ports) but it has a big hard drive and I have a lot of hope. ;)
#firstworldproblems #dropbox #PC #WindowsXP

I’ve not quite mastered hatching, but considering the fact that this is drawn on the #iPad in #ProCreate and not with pen and paper I fairly impressed with myself :) ( #DnD caves #map possible #commission and practice) #InkedAdventures


Lord of the Rings/Hobbit/Silmarillion Various

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 Philippe Druillet from “Yragaël” (1973-74)

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View-Master ad, 1963

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Yoshitaka Amano
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The Philippines First Steampunk Art Exhibit
” IMPERIAL WARS ” Battle of the Nuts Series by Ram Mallari Jr.

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