Paul Lehr likes red.

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She’s been hunting tiny moth things tonight.Hoomans & possessions beware! Crash leap crash! #cat
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Ruined roads. A couple more of these. Am taking a break from unrewarding work on the PC (procrastinating, really) Hopefully these will become something else in the future - might as well keep lining the designs up. ;) #dungeontiles #InkedAdventures #dungeonsanddragons #DnD #stone #fineliner #graphpaper #moleskine

You come to a crossroads. #Fineliner pen on #graphpaper .
#Inkedadventures #tabletop #RPG #flagstone #dungeonsanddragons #dungeontile

Old road. #Fineliner precolour art in #graphpaper #moleskine #notebook .
Wasn’t near a PC, but it’s nice to get back to pen and paper.
#dungeontiles #InkedAdventures #DnD


Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, whatever kind of writing you do, if you write a novel “about Africa,” chances are you’re going to get the Acacia Tree treatment. And the orange sky…

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pbbbbbbbbbbbt, i say. pbbbbbbbbbbbt.

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Custom Painted Adventure Time and other Fandom related Converse Sneakers or Vans!

Want a different set of characters, or a different band/tv show/movie on the shoes that is not shown? Message me anyway and I’ll do them and feature the shows on my store!

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Today was a better day. Once a few care issues had been cleared up (errors with medication being one) with a decent ward round, I think J might be able to settle on this ward. Some of the staff even have “people” skills. ;) I managed to get a some tile art done whilst J was on the ipad. On this particular ward, visitors (especially men, it’s a women-only ward) are only allowed in a small dining room near the entrance. I’m always grateful for a table. ;) Her room (she has a room, hurrah!) sounds as though it is modern, comfortable and safe. (Thanks for reading)

Lucy-cat is occasionally Egyptian tonight. :)
(iPad, low light)

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