Despite my doubts, Amazon came through. :) #dungeonsanddragons #DnDStarterSet #DnD #DnD5


— Barry Windsor-Smith

The Four Ages of Conan

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what do you mean a thesaurus isnt a dinosaur


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— Jonas Jensen

The Wizard’s Tower

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Excalibur (1981)

"Merlin" art by Robert Peak

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Crumbling #bricks . Taken for reference. :) (iPhone) #wall

An evening clean by the books. :) Lucy-cat. #cat

W.i.p. Went back to using Procreate on the ipad to colour these in. (For Inked Adventures: Crypts, Tombs & Catacombs printable pdf plans) #dungeontiles

Amazon UK fix their D&D Starter Set Pre-order on the day of actual release

Had some strange exchanges recently with Amazon about their preorder for D&D Starter Set. They were insisting that it wouldn’t be delivered until August. Lots of people have been suggesting to me why this may be, but all Amazon could tell me was that the item “hadn’t been released yet”. Finally today I received an email which fell into line with many other stores:
We are pleased to report that the following item will dispatch sooner than expected:
Wizards of the Coast “Dungeons & Dragons Starter Box (D&d Boxed Game)”
Previous estimated arrival date: August 06 2014
New estimated arrival date: July 17 2014 “
Of course, now it has to actually arrive, but I just needed to share their correction because I’ve been moaning a bit about this. ;)

BB 15th/16th July 2014

No idea where I’m heading with this & my 0.05 just ran out. :) #map #paperplate #mappamundi

Inkjet test printing - nice to see that these sections look fairly good in greyscale as well. :)

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'Islas En El Cielo', the Spanish cover for Arthur C. Clarke's 'Islands in the Sky' 1957 (via retro_futurism: ‘Islas En El Cielo’, the Spanish cover for Arthur C. Clarke’s ‘Islands in the Sky’ 1957)

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— Richey Beckett

The Wizard

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Insomnia. #fiveminutemap on a post-it note. #DnD #map etc